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Family Communication Problems

One of the biggest problems families face is that we don’t know how to talk to each other. Texting, social media, and video games have caused our children to forget how to really connect, converse, and communicate with each other. Families miss golden opportunities to share in the triumphs of each other and help each other with their daily challenges.



Family Comminication Facts

Family experts agree that one of the most significant ways to increase family unity and love is by sharing a family meal together. Studies show that families who share meals together raise children who get better grades, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and keep family values and morals.

~Time Magazine June 2006



Family Communication Solutions

Chowtime Chat Placemats have fun, easy-to-answer questions. Each mat is designed to help children learn more about each other, bond with family, and laugh as they reflect on the days events. Parents will discover ways to help their children with the challenges they face and help build on their signature strengths.



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Happy Family photo

"I can't wait to find out how my brothers and sisters are going to answer their questions every night!"

~Maddie. 12 years old.

"My kids actually look forward to having a meal together for the first time ever!"

~Christy, busy working mom

"Hilarious! But more than that, my husband and I have discovered ways to reach out and help our teen-aged kids."

~Patty, mother of 4

"Our dinnertable has become an unplugged zone because our children have finally put down their cell phones to talk with us during dinner."

~Jacob, father of 3 teens

"Thank goodness for Chowtime Chat Placemats! It's nice to find a product that brings family together in a fun but meaningful way."

~Judy, raised 6 children

"Parents know mealtime conversations are crucial for family bonding and children’s development. Children know talking to mom and dad can be boring. Problem solved! Placemats with dozens of great conversation starters that will get everyone laughing, thinking, sharing, and enjoying being together at dinner! A winning combination of positive mental health and plain old fun (which is healthy too!)"

~Wendy Ulrich, Ph.D., psychologist and co-author of New York Times bestseller: The Why of Work: How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations that Win

"We use our Chowtime Chat Placemats when our grown and married children come to visit. Never ceases to be an enjoyable night for everybody!"

~Shannon, mother and grandmother

"We invited our new neighbors over for dinner last month. Chowtime Chat Placemats were such an ice breaker and made the conversation flow easily! Such a fun evening and we now have some new friends."

~Susan and Bob, newlyweds

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